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TBL-015-105   12 W Switch Mode DIN Rail Panel Mount Power Supply, 5 V dc, 2.4 A
12EPM   12EPM Mechanical Predetermining Counter
1SVR427031R0000-CP-E24-1.25   1SVR427031R0000 - CP-E 24/1.25 ABB Switch mode power supply
2300-11EMEQUIV   2300-11EMEQUIV Measuring Machine with Encoder Output
2400-11EMEQUIV   2400-11EMEQUIV Measuring Machine with Encoder Output
26015TPP0250A   26015TPP0250A Encoder 250PPR
26015TPP0500A   26015TPP0500A Encoder 500PPR
26015TPP01000A   26015TPP1000A Encoder 1000PPR
2640-Span-O-Meter   2640 Span-O-Meter Overhead line/cable measuring machine
2700-11EMEQUIV   2700-11EMEQUIV Measuring Machine with Encoder Output
2MRCW-ADP   2MRCW-ADP 1/2 Metre rubber covered metal wheel
3602-021613-611A   3602-021613-611A Replacement Counter for 2600 / 2620 Type A
3602-021613-611B   3602-021613-611B Replacement Counter for 2600 / 2620 Type B
3MRCW   3MRCW 1/3rd Metre rubber covered metal wheel
401104-01   401104-01 Knurled Aluminium 0.25 Mtr Measuring Wheel
401124-02   401124-01 Knurled Aluminium 0.5Mtr Measuring Wheel
401134-02   401134-01 Knurled Aluminium 1/2 Yard Measuring Wheel
401149-01   401149-01 USB A-B CABLE 1MTR
401155-01   401155-01 Knurled Aluminium 0.25 Mtr Measuring Wheel
401161-01   401161-01 Polyurethane covered Aluminium 0.25 Mtr Measuring Wheel
401174-01   401174-01 Replacement Counter for LM10/HW100
401175-01   401175-01 Replacement Counter/wheel for LM10/HW100
401176-01   401176-01 Replacement Counter for RC1000/RC1200
5PINPLUG   5 Pin DIN Fitted Plug for encoders/sensors
7111INBOX   7111INBOX self powered pulse counter mounted in box
401164-01   7922 Electronic Preset Counter Measuring System
881P50   881P50 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 50PPR
882P05   882P05 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 5 PPR
882P25   882P25 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 25 PPR
882P250   882P250 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 250 PPR
882P50   882P50 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 50PPR
882P500   882P500 Bi-Directional Shaft Encoder 500 PPR
9351   9351 Printer Unit
AHM2502TC   AHM2502TC Hand Measuring Machine Top coming
AHM2502TG   AHM2502TG Hand Measuring Machine Top going
ALM4X4   ALM4X4 Land Measuring Wheel
APMINBOX   APM in wall mounting box
MP5W-41   Autonics Rate / Pulse Meter MP5W-41 Relay Outputs
HW100   Autoreel HW100 Cable recoiling machine
AV2901   Avancer 2901 Timber Measurer
Drum-Roller   Cable Drum Roller
Cablejack   Cable Jack
CDM520   Car Distance Measurer CDM5200 Odometer
CMC7-1-2400   CMC7-1-2400 Length Measuring Machine
CMC7-2-2700   CMC7-2-2700 Length Measuring Machine
CMC9-2200TGRHDLHR   CMC9-2200 Edge Measuring Unit TG RHD
CR6-3002TC2:1   CR6-3002TC 2:1 Mechanical revolution counter Top Coming
CR6-3004TC2:1   CR6-3004TC 2:1 Mechanical revolution counter Top Coming
CR6-3004TC4:1   CR6-3004TC 4:1 Mechanical revolution counter Top Coming
CR6-3004TG2:1   CR6-3004TG 2:1 Mechanical revolution counter Top Going
CR6-3004TG4:1   CR6-3004TG 4:1 Mechanical revolution counter Top Going
CS6-3005TC   CS6-3005TC Stroke Counter Top Coming
CS6-3005TG   CS6-3005TG Stroke Counter Top Going
CS6-3006TC   CS6-3006TC Stroke Counter Top Coming
CS6-3006TG   CS6-3006TG Stroke Counter Top Going
DSP10-12   DSP10-12 DIN Rail mount Power Supply 12VDC 10W
E20S2-360-3-N-12-S   E20S2-360-3-N-12-S Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E40H10-250-3-T-24   E40H10-250-3-T-24 Hollow Shaft Rotary Incremental Encoder
E40H10-50-3-T-24   E40H10-50-3-T-24 Hollow Shaft Rotary Incremental Encoder 50PPR
EZM-4931-230VAC   EMKO EZM-4931 LED Counter 2 Relay Outputs 230VAC
ENC-1-1-T-24-C   ENC Rotary Encoder 1 Pulse per millimetre
ERC50   ERC50 Electronic Revolution Counter with Encoder and Digital display.
401165-01   EZM-4931 Electronic Preset LED Counter Measuring System
F6-6N-C-0-0-0-AC-5   Fusion F6-6N-C-0-0-0-AC-5 6" Large Figure Display
MM01   MM01 Hand held measurer
MM23PC   MM23PC Mechanical Predetermining Measuring Unit
MM25AM   MM25AM Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine
MM25XRAM   MM25XRAM Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine
MM27PC   MM27PC Mechanical Predetermining Measuring Unit
MM40AM   MM40AM Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine
MM80COG   MM80 Clip On Guide Kit
MM80AI   MM80AI Cable/Wire/Rope Imperial Measuring Machine.
MM80AM   MM80AM Cable/Wire/Rope Metric Measuring Machine.
MM80AMP   MM80AMP Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine Polyurethane Wheel.
MM80AMSK   MM80AMSK Cable Measuring Machine Type A Knurled Alu. Wheel.
MM80ERC   MM80ERC Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine Knurled Alu. Wheel.
MM80SM   MM80SM Measuring Machine Side Entry Poly Wheel.
MS10BW   MS10BW Float Switch
NTAQ22   NTAQ22 Wallbox including 7922 Preset Counter and alarms.
NTEPC100   NTEPC100 Electronic 2 Preset Predeterming Counter
NTEPC102   NTEPC102 Electronic 2 Preset Predeterming Counter
RC1000   RC1000 Electric Cable Coiling Machine / Cable Rewinding Machine
RC1200   RC1200 Electric Cable Coiling Machine / Cable Rewinding Machine
RC1500A   RC1500A Electric Cable Winding Machine
RC1800   RC1800 Electric Cable Winding Machine
RC250   RC250 Hand Cable Winder
RC500PSDELECTRIC   RC500PSD Electric Cable Winder
RC500PSD   RC500PSD Hand Cable Winder
RC500PSDCOMBI-   RC500PSDCOMBI Hand Cable Winder
Redington   Redington Counters Products
AI0   Reel-O-Tech AI0 cable coiling machine
UsedCoiler1   Refurbished Manual Cable recoiling machine
XALD02   Schneider Electric XALD02 Enclosure, 2 Hole Grey, 22mm Diameter Plastic
TA500AE-Knurl.-Alu.   TA500AE Top Arm Measuring Machine Ali Wheel Encoder
TA500AM-Knurl.-Alu.   TA500AM Top Arm Measuring Machine Ali Wheel
TR3-K5-B-500-V1-PP-G2-ST-IP50-   TR3-K5-B-500-V1-PP-G2-ST-IP50 Encoder Knurled Wheel 500mm
TR3-R5-B-500-V1-PP-G2-ST-IP50-   TR3-R5-B-500-V1-PP-G2-ST-IP50 Encoder Rubber Wheel 500mm
001647-01   Trumeter 001647-01 Stand
001862   Trumeter 001862 Knurled Aluminium 0.5 Mtr Measuring Wheel
005697-01   Trumeter 005697-01 Hinged Bracket
007571   Trumeter 007571 Rubber Covered Plastic Measuring Wheel 1 foot
007573   Trumeter 007573 Rubber Covered Plastic Measuring Wheel 1/2 Yard
007574   Trumeter 007574 Rubber Covered Plastic Measuring Wheel 0.5Mtr
007905   Trumeter 007905 Rubber Covered Plastic Measuring Wheel 1/3 Mtr
011057-01   Trumeter 011057-01 Polyurethane covered aluminium 0.5Mtr measuring wheel.
011484-01   Trumeter 011484-01 Knurled Aluminium 0.5Mtr Measuring Wheel
011762-01   Trumeter 011762-01 Drive Tube for 5000 Road Measurer
012287-01   Trumeter 012287-01 Sleeve for 5000 Road Measurer
012724-01   Trumeter 012724-01 Polyurethane covered 0.25 Mtr Measuring Wheel
013521-01   Trumeter 013521-01 Spring for 2630/WM10
013679-01   Trumeter 013679-01 Axle shaft gearbox assembley for 5000-611
014514-01   Trumeter 014514-01 Hinge Assembley (Knuckle joint)
015736-01   Trumeter 015736-01 Counter gearbox assembley
015879-01   Trumeter 015879-01 200mm Stayrod
015880-01   Trumeter 015880-01 460mm Stayrod
015881-01   Trumeter 015881-01 Counter Bracket
019216-01   Trumeter 019216-01 Stand for 5000 Road Measurer
1-2936   Trumeter 1-2936 Mechanical Stroke Counter Top Coming
100712-01   Trumeter 100712-01 Carry Case for Measuring Wheels
2300-11MCC   Trumeter 2300-11MCC Mechanical Length Measuring Unit Top Coming
2300-11MCG   Trumeter 2300-11MCG Mechanical Length Measuring Unit Top Going
2300OLD   Trumeter 2300OLD (Old version) Heavy Duty Measuring Unit
2400   Trumeter 2400 Heavy Duty Measuring Unit
2401-11MCC   Trumeter 2401-11MCC Mechanical Length Measuring Unit Top Coming
2401-11MCG   Trumeter 2401-11MCG Mechanical Length Measuring Unit Top Going
2600-132CA   Trumeter 2600-132C Type A Poly Metric Measuring Machine
2600-332CA   Trumeter 2600-332C Type A Knurled Aluminium Metric Measuring Machine
2620-132CA   Trumeter 2620-132CA Multi Purpose Surface Length Measuring Machine
2630-132CA   Trumeter 2630-132C Type A Cable Measuring Machine
2630-132CB   Trumeter 2630-132C Type B Cable Measuring Machine
2630-1EMM   Trumeter 2630-1EMM Type A Cable Measuring Machine
2700   Trumeter 2700 Heavy Duty Measuring Unit
2701-11MCC   Trumeter 2701-11MCC Mechanical Measuring Unit Top Coming
2701-11MCG   Trumeter 2701-11MCG Mechanical Measuring Unit Top Going
2701-12MCC   Trumeter 2701-12MCC Mechanical Measuring Unit Top Coming
2900   Trumeter 2900 Timber Measure
3001   Trumeter 3001 Revolution Counter
3002   Trumeter 3002 Revolution Counter
3003   Trumeter 3003 Revolution Counter
3004   Trumeter 3004 Revolution Counter
3005   Trumeter 3005 Stroke Counter
3006   Trumeter 3006 Stroke Counter
3012   Trumeter 3012 Mechanical Predetermining Counter
3016   Trumeter 3016 Mechanical Predetermining Counter
3400-0000   Trumeter 3400-0000 AC/DC Counter 2-Hole case Non-reset
3400-0010   Trumeter 3400-0010 AC/DC Counter 2-Hole case Remote reset
3400-2010   Trumeter 3400-2010 AC/DC Counter Rectangular Remote-reset
3400-3010   Trumeter 3400-3010 AC/DC Counter SAE Round Non-Reset
3410-0000   Trumeter 3410-0000 AC/DC Hour meter 2-Hole Non-Reset
3410-0010   Trumeter 3410-0010 AC/DC Hour meter 2-Hole with Reset
3410-1010   Trumeter 3410-1010 AC/DC Hour meter 3-Hole Round with Reset
3410-2010   Trumeter 3410-2010 AC/DC Hour Meter Flush Rectangular with Reset
3410-3010   Trumeter 3410-3010 AC/DC HR SAE Round with Reset
3602-021610-611A   Trumeter 3602-021610-611A counter for 2630/WM10 Type A
3602-191TC   Trumeter 3602-191TC Revolution Counter 1:1 Top Coming
3602-191TG   Trumeter 3602-191TG Revolution Counter 1:1 Top Going
3602-192TC   Trumeter 3602-192TC Revolution Counter 2:1 Top Coming
3602-192TG   Trumeter 3602-192TG Revolution Counter 2:1 Top Going
3602-193TC   Trumeter 3602-193TC Revolution Counter 3:1 Top Coming
3602-193TG   Trumeter 3602-193TG Revolution Counter 3:1 Top Going
3602-194TC   Trumeter 3602-194TC Revolution Counter 4:1 Top Coming
3602-194TG   Trumeter 3602-194TG Revolution Counter 4:1 Top Going
3900B-Type-A   Trumeter 3900B Type A Trumeasure Fabric & Carpet Measurement
3900B-Type-B   Trumeter 3900B Type B Trumeasure Fabric & Carpet Measurement
3900B-Type-C   Trumeter 3900B Type C Trumeasure Fabric & Carpet Measurement
3900B-Type-D   Trumeter 3900B Type D Trumeasure Fabric & Carpet Measurement
3905-DD250   Trumeter 3905-DD250 Trumeasure Fabric & Carpet Measurement
5000-611   Trumeter 5000-611 Road Measurer Metric
5041-511   Trumeter 5041-511 Land Measurer (Mechanical)
5061-511   Trumeter 5061-511 Rail Track Measurer Metres/Decimetres
5063-511-512   Trumeter 5063-511-512 Rail Track Measurer
5500   Trumeter 5500 Measuremeter Revolution Metric (Mechanical)
7000   Trumeter 7000 6 digit LCD electronic totalising counter.
7000AS   Trumeter 7000AS 6 digit Add/Subtract LCD totalising counter.
7016   Trumeter 7016 - 6 digit self powered LCD Counter
7110DIN   Trumeter 7110DIN Counter 8 digit
7111   Trumeter 7111 8 digit self powered electronic LCD counter.
7111HV   Trumeter 7111HV 8 digit self powered electronic LCD counter.
722-0001   Trumeter 722-0001 Hour meter 2 HOLE RECTANGULAR 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
722-0002   Trumeter 722-0002 Hour meter FLUSH RECTANGULAR 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
722-0003   Trumeter 722-0003 Hour meter FLUSH ROUND 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
722-0004   Trumeter 722-0004 Hour meter 3-HOLE ROUND 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
722-0030   Trumeter 722-0030 Hour meter SQUARE MOUNT BEZEL 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
732-0001   Trumeter 732-0001 Hour meter 3-HOLE ROUND 10-80 VDC
732-0002   Trumeter 732-0002 Hour Meter FLUSH RECTANGULAR 10-80 VDC
732-0003   Trumeter 732-0003 Hour meter FLUSH ROUND 10-80 VDC
732-0004   Trumeter 732-0004 Hour meter 2-HOLE RECTANGULAR 10-80 VDC
732-0013   Trumeter 732-0013 ROUND STAINLESS STEEL BEZEL CUP MOUNT 10-80 VDC
732-0023   Trumeter 732-0023 ROUND STAINLESS STEEL BEZEL STIRRUP MOUNT 10-80 VDC
732-0030   Trumeter 732-0030 Hour meter SQUARE MOUNT BEZEL 10-80 VDC
7400AS   Trumeter 7400AS 8 digit PCB Mount resettable add/subtract LCD Counter
7401AS   Trumeter 7401AS 8 digit PCB Mount non- resettable add/subtract LCD Counter
7511   Trumeter 7511 8 digit self powered LCD electronic timer
7511HV   Trumeter 7511HV 8 digit self powered LCD electronic timer HV Input
7922   Trumeter 7922 Dual Preset Electronic Predetermining Counter
7932   Trumeter 7932 Single Preset Electronic Counter/Timer
7954   Trumeter 7954 - 8 function Time Relay
7955   Trumeter 7955 Time Relay
7956   Trumeter 7956 Time Relay
7957   Trumeter 7957 - 18 function Time Relay

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